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    Bawisa Brahman Gotras


        1. जातुकर्ण
        2. मुद्गल
        3. जासकश्य
        4. कौषिक
        5. कौडील्य
        6. कश्यप
        7. वत्स
        8. गार्गी
        9. गौतम
        10. शांडिल्य
        11. वशिष्ठ
        12. उपमन्यु
        13. भार्गव
        14. सांख्यायन
        15. भारद्वाज
        16. कात्यायन
        17. काणवि और मौनश
        18. हरिद्र
        19. शौनक
        20. पराशर
        21. च्यवन
        22. मौनिश



    Note and Request:


    Our drive to compile historic information about Bawisa Brahmin samaj is a collective effort and the information is gathered from various sources and such historic information may need to be further updated.


    All Volunteers of Bawisa Brahmin Samaj wants to re-confirm the accuracy of the information compiled and provided. The committee of Bawisa Brahmin Samaj desire that the information contained herein be accurate and reliable.


    Any of the respected member of the samaj who believes information provided is need to improved or corrected should contact BBS  Volunteers via e-mail: suggestions@bawisabrahmin.org or Fill in the Suggestion Form 

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